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A Degree in Chemistry

Students earning a degree in Chemistry will be prepared to think critically about important scientific problems, perform research, and communicate their findings. Chemists understand the physical world from the perspective of the smallest building blocks called atoms, and this understanding is critical to many industries including pharmaceuticals, automotive, food, plastics, and electronics. Chemists are employed in industry, academia, government, non-profits, and start their own companies. Furthermore, a chemistry degree is an outstanding platform from which to pursue further education in graduate school for chemistry or in medical school, law school, or pharmacy school.


Transferable Skills

A chemistry degree offers:

  • Critical thinking with respect to analyzing, synthesizing, and presenting chemical information
  • Investigating the world via careful observations and the use of advanced instrumentation
  • Researching important problems through laboratory work and data analysis
  • Practicing the scientific method to create and test hypotheses


Some Careers in Chemistry

Career Median Salary Market Growth
Chemistry Teachers, Postsecondary$75,06014% or higher
Quality Control Analysts $45,3005 to 8%
Chemists$71,2602 to 4%
Biochemists$82,1505 to 8%
Sales Representatives, Wholesale and Manufacturing, Technical and Scientific Products $76,1905 to 8%
Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technicians$38,97014% or higher

Source:O*NET Online, in partnership with the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment & Training Administration


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