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    John F. Endicott
Title Professor Emeritus
Division Inorganic
Office Chem 321
Research Area Studies of the photochemistry and photophysics of transition metal complexes with emphasis on the basic principles governing excited state behavior. Special emphasis is on photoinduced electron transfer and its potential applications to solar energy conversion.
Phone (313) 577-2607
E-Mail jfe@chem.wayne.edu

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    Carl Johnson
Title Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Division Organic
Research Area Asymmetric synthesis, enzymes in synthesis, natural products chemistry, nucleoside derivatives, organometallic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, carbohydrate chemistry, organic sulfur chemistry, synthetic methods
E-Mail crj@chem.wayne.edu

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    Richard Lintvedt
Title Professor Emeritus
Division Inorganic
E-Mail rll@chem.wayne.edu

Click to Visit James H. Rigby's Faculty Page  
    James H. Rigby
Title Professor Emeritus
Division Organic (Organic Synthesis)
Office Chem 275
Phone (313) 577-3472
E-Mail jhr@chem.wayne.edu
Group Page chem.wayne.edu/rigby

Click to Visit Louis Romano's Faculty Page  
    Louis Romano
Title Professor Emeritus
Division Biochemistry
Office Chem 461
Research Area Biochemistry, molecular biology, chemical carcinogenesis, DNA replicaton, enzyme mechanism
Phone (313) 577-2584
E-Mail ljr@chem.wayne.edu

Click to Visit David Rorabacher's Faculty Page  
    David Rorabacher
Title Professor Emeritus
Division Analytical
Office 469
E-Mail dbr@chem.wayne.edu

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