2013 Chemistry Department Annual Review of PhD Students 

There were technical difficulties with the distribution of this fillable PDF via email becuase some email systems were corrupting the file. We have posted the PDF here to distribute it.



1) Download the PDF of the 2013 Annual Review Form.

2) Students should complete all sections labelled "Student".

3) Students should provide that form to their disseratation advisor. You may try to do this by email, but it may be safer through direct transfer (dropbox, USB drive, etc) due to the technical problems we are having with the form.

4) Faculty members and students should discuss and revise the evaluation document. 

5) Both student and faculty should electronically sign the document. If there are technology problems, print and and sign the document. Please note long text fields may not print properly and will be truncated on the printout. 

6) Advisor must electronically submit the document to Melissa by clicking on the submit button on the top right of the form.

7) If you manually signed the form, that piece of paper must be submitted to Melissa to verify that all parties have signed the document. This step is unnecessary if you electronically signed the PDF.

8) The forms will be reviewed by the Director of Graduate Studies and the Graduate School. Revisions of these documents may be required at either stage. 

© Andrew Feig 2013