2014 Pre-Workshop Homework 2

Pre-Workshop Survey - Please complete by Wed. 7/30

The link to this survey was sent to you by Prof. Marilyne Stains. It is part of a pre-/post-survey assessment that will help us understand how well the workshop itself accomplishes its goals. We would appreciate your participation in this so that we can improve the workshop for next year. Marilyne will be sending you a reminder with the link one more time in case this found its way into your junk mail box.


Just in Time Teaching - Please complete before 5 p.m. on Wed. 7/30

We will be using the results of this survey to guide one of our discussions on Friday morning. Click on the link below to complete the survey.

2014 JITT Survey

Formative Assessment - Please complete before 5 p.m. on Wed. 7/30

  1. Go to http://smartphysics.com.
  2. Click on the Register button, and create an account using your "NetID@institution.edu" email address
  3. Complete your profile, then click on the Enrollments Tab
  4. Click on the [Join a Course] link and enter: 856b34e3
  5. Enter your NetID (e.g. whatever is in front of "@institution.edu" in your email address) and click "Enroll Course"
  6. Go through the 8 units in the course. Click on each numbered section to access the modules.  Return to the home screen to move to the next module. The entire module will take you about 20 - 40 minutes depending on the number of optional videos you watch.

if you have problems accessing this module, please contact Linda Columbus at columbus@virginia.edu for assistance


Bring with you the syllabus for a course you will teach during the upcoming academic year.

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