Recent courses taught by Andrew Feig

CHM6610 - Biochemistry Lab (F2012)

CHM 6620/7620 - Introduction to Metabolism (F2010, F2011)

CHM 5600 - Principles of Biochemistry (W2007, W2008, W2012)

CHM 7240 - Responsible Conduct of Research (F2010, F2011)

CHM 6635/7635 - Tools of Molecular Biology (W2015, W2014, W2010, W2009)

CHM 8690 - Special Topics in Biochemistry - Biology of sRNAs (F2007)

CHM8690 - Special Topics in Biochemistry - Advances in Biochemistry (F2013)

CHM 7740 - Responsible Conduct in Research (F2013, F2012, F2011, F2010)

Pedagogical papers that describe my teaching philosophy and the development of teaching methods.

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Bioinformatics Datamining Exercises

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Pedagogical Projects 

RCSA Cottrell Scholars Collaborative

CSC New Faculty Workshop

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Andrew Feig was the recipient of a 2012 CLAS Teaching Award

Andrew Feig was recipient of the 2013 President's Award for Excellence in Teaching 

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