Lab News

8-29-17 Congratulations to Thilie whose paper had been accepted to RSC Advances.!divAbstract

Congratulations to Amanda for passing her candidacy exam. Congratulations Amanda!!

6-2-17 Congratulations to Maryam for successfully defending her Ph.D. thesis and best of luck at her new job. Congratulations Dr. Maryam Yousif!

Our review on the alkoxide chemistry is chosen as a top pick by the Comments Inorg. Chem. Associate Editor John Berry!
Comments on Inorganic Chemistry: A Journal of Critical Discussion of the Current Literature

4-20-17 Congrats to Ryan for receiving the Department of Chemistry and Thilie for receiving the Graduate School teaching citations for top Graduate Teaching Assistants for 2016-2017!

1-25-17 We would like to congratulate Ryan on his first paper!

1-24-17 We would like to congratulate our former undergraduate David White for a great start of his graduate career with a paper in eLife and a paper in ACIE. Way to go David!

11-1-16 We would like to welcome our newest graduate students Duleeka and Sudheer!

9-8-16 Congrats Maryam for being featured in the Wayne State Chemistry you tube video!

7-29-16 Blake successfully defended his thesis. Congratulations Dr. Blake Reed!

7-1-16 Congratulations to James for accepting the position of Resin Analyst at General Motors in Warren, MI.

6-14-16 Jeff successfully defended his thesis. Congratulations Dr. Jeffrey Beattie!

6-4-16 Congrats Maryam for being awarded the Knoller Fellowship for 2016-2017!

6-1-16 James successfully defended his thesis. Congratulations Dr. James Bellow!

4-15-16  Amanda wins a Department of Chemistry Teaching Citation for top Graduate Teaching Assistants for 2015-2016.

4-14-16 James' paper on the synthesis and characterization of a High Valent Cobalt Carbene was accepted in the Journal of the American Chemical Society.

4-8-16 Congratulations to Blake for accepting the position of Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Olivet College

4-6-16 Congratulations to James for winning the Kirschner Inorganic Graduate Student Award (with Levi Ekanger)

4-5-16 Maryam's paper on the synthesis of Chromium(II) bis(alkoxide) and its reactivity was accepted in Dalton Trans. (special Issue: New Talent: Americas)

Jeff, Dan. and David's paper on oxalate templated macrocycles was accepted in Inorganica Chimica Acta
(Special Issue: New Generation)

11-1-15 We would like to welcome our newest graduate student Amanda

James, Maryams, and Stas' review on bulky alkoxides was published in Comments on Inorganic Chemistry

10-7-15 Maryam's paper on catalytic formation of carbodiimides was published in Organometallics

6-4-15 James and Maryam's most recent paper of alkoxide reactivity was published in Inorganic Chemistry

6-1-15 James' most recent paper on nitrene coupling was published in Organometallics

5-9-15 Congratulations to David White who will be attending University of Wisconsin Madison in the Fall for Graduate School

5-9-15 Congratulations to our undergraduate students Katlyn, Asmar, Shervyn, David, Nick, Matt, Rasan,and Harini, who had their commencement ceremony today 

5-6-15 James and Maryam each presented at the Michigan Catalysis Society annual meeting

5-5-15 Congratulations to Maryam for being awarded the Rumble Fellowship for 2015 - 2016

2-2-15 We would like to welcome our newest graduate student Wilson

1-27-15 Blake's first publication was accepted in Chemical Communications

7-14-14 Stas has presented at the 2014 ICOMC in Sapporo, Japan

7-4-14 James presented a poster at the 2014 Organometallic GRC

6-30-14 Maryam passed her oral exam and is now a PhD candidate

5-27-14 Our research on metal-alkoxide complexes for bond-activation and bond-formation reactions has been funded by ACS-PRF

5-13-14 Our lab has been granted the NSF Career to work on reductive transformations of heteroallenes

5-6-14 James was awarded the Wilfred Heller Research Fellowship

5-6-14 Jeff was awarded the Graduate School Rumble Fellowship for the second consecutive year

4-21-14 Blake was awarded the Wilfred R. Lenz Jr. Endowed Memorial Scholarship for Excellence in Teaching

4-21-14 James was awarded the Esther and Stanley Kirschner teaching award

4-21-14 Maryam received Department Citations for teaching and Thilie received Graduate School Citations for Teaching

4-21-14 David received the ACS Inorganic award

4-1-14 Our paper on oxalate sensing was published online by Dalton Transactions

12-19-13 Jeff received the department travel award

10-14-13 Our paper on the reductive coupling of azides was published online in Inorganic Chemistry

10-5-13 Undergraduates Dan and David presented at the Midwestern Undergraduate Research Symposium at Michigan State Univeristy

9-7-13 Stas, Blake, James, and Jeff presented at the ACS meeting in Indianapolis, IN

8-28-13 Undergraduate Students Adam and Nour join the Lab.

8-9-13 Our paper on seesaw geometry transition metal alkoxide complexes was published online in Chemistry- a European Journal

7-17-13 James, Jeff, and Blake all became Ph.D. candidates 

5-8-13 David Wins the Undergraduate Research and Creative Projects Award

5-7-13 Summer Researcher Dan rejoins the lab

5-2-13 Undergraduate Student Natalija Graduates and is off to Medical School

5-1-13 Our full paper on the chemistry of di-nickel complexes with CS2 is published in Organometallics

4-30-13 Undergraduate Student Asmar joins the lab

4-29-13 Jeff wins the Thomas C. Rumble Departmental Fellowship for 2013-2014 academic year

4-27-13 Blake and Jeff win the Esther and Stanley Kirschner Teaching Award

4-27-13  James Bellow wins a Graduate School Teaching Citation

1-7-13 Undergraduate Students Sam, Shervyn, and Nicholas join the Lab

8-29-12 Undergrads David and Natalija join the lab

8-8-12  Our paper on CS2 binding has been published in Chemical Communications

5-12-12 Undergraduate Researchers Stephen Morrison and Dan Santalucia Join the Lab

5-7-12 Monika Toton Graduated with Honors

5-2-12 Taghreed Mahmoud Wins the Undergraduate Research Award