Lab News

10-14-17 Congratulations to Thilie whose poster won the first place in the 19th Annual Chemistry  Graduate Research Symposium. Congratulations Thilie!!

We would like to welcome our newest under graduate students Lauren, Sandra and Jamil!!

8-29-17 Congratulations to Thilie whose paper had been accepted to RSC Advances.!divAbstract

Congratulations to Amanda for passing her candidacy exam. Congratulations Amanda!!

6-2-17 Congratulations to Maryam for successfully defending her Ph.D. thesis and best of luck at her new job. Congratulations Dr. Maryam Yousif!

Our review on the alkoxide chemistry is chosen as a top pick by the Comments Inorg. Chem. Associate Editor John Berry!
               Comments on Inorganic Chemistry: A Journal of Critical Discussion of the Current Literature

4-20-17 Congrats to Ryan for receiving the Department of Chemistry and Thilie for receiving the Graduate School teaching citations for top Graduate Teaching Assistants for  2016-2017!

1-25-17 We would like to congratulate Ryan on his first paper!

1-24-17 We would like to congratulate our former undergraduate David White for a great start of his graduate career with a paper in eLife and a paper in ACIE. Way  to go David!  eLife ACIE

11-1-16 We would like to welcome our newest graduate students Duleeka and Sudheer!

9-8-16 Congrats Maryam for being featured in the Wayne State Chemistry you tube video!

7-29-16 Blake successfully defended his thesis. Congratulations Dr. Blake Reed!

7-1-16 Congratulations to James for accepting the position of Resin Analyst at General Motors in Warren, MI.

6-14-16 Jeff successfully defended his thesis. Congratulations Dr. Jeffrey Beattie!

6-4-16 Congrats Maryam for being awarded the Knoller Fellowship for 2016-2017!

6-1-16 James successfully defended his thesis. Congratulations Dr. James Bellow!

4-15-16  Amanda wins a Department of Chemistry Teaching Citation for top Graduate Teaching Assistants for 2015-2016.

4-14-16 James' paper on the synthesis and characterization of a High Valent Cobalt Carbene was accepted in the Journal of the American Chemical Society.

4-8-16 Congratulations to Blake for accepting the position of Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Olivet College

4-6-16 Congratulations to James for winning the Kirschner Inorganic Graduate Student Award (with Levi Ekanger)

4-5-16 Maryam's paper on the synthesis of Chromium(II) bis(alkoxide) and its reactivity was accepted in Dalton Trans. (special Issue: New Talent: Americas)

Jeff, Dan. and David's paper on oxalate templated macrocycles was accepted in Inorganica Chimica Acta
(Special Issue: New Generation)

11-1-15 We would like to welcome our newest graduate student Amanda

James, Maryams, and Stas' review on bulky alkoxides was published in Comments on Inorganic Chemistry

10-7-15 Maryam's paper on catalytic formation of carbodiimides was published in Organometallics

6-4-15 James and Maryam's most recent paper of alkoxide reactivity was published in Inorganic Chemistry

6-1-15 James' most recent paper on nitrene coupling was published in Organometallics

5-9-15 Congratulations to David White who will be attending University of Wisconsin Madison in the Fall for Graduate School

5-9-15 Congratulations to our undergraduate students Katlyn, Asmar, Shervyn, David, Nick, Matt, Rasan,and Harini, who had their commencement ceremony today 

5-6-15 James and Maryam each presented at the Michigan Catalysis Society annual meeting

5-5-15 Congratulations to Maryam for being awarded the Rumble Fellowship for 2015 - 2016

2-2-15 We would like to welcome our newest graduate student Wilson

1-27-15 Blake's first publication was accepted in Chemical Communications

7-14-14 Stas has presented at the 2014 ICOMC in Sapporo, Japan

7-4-14 James presented a poster at the 2014 Organometallic GRC

6-30-14 Maryam passed her oral exam and is now a PhD candidate

5-27-14 Our research on metal-alkoxide complexes for bond-activation and bond-formation reactions has been funded by ACS-PRF

5-13-14 Our lab has been granted the NSF Career to work on reductive transformations of heteroallenes

5-6-14 James was awarded the Wilfred Heller Research Fellowship

5-6-14 Jeff was awarded the Graduate School Rumble Fellowship for the second consecutive year

4-21-14 Blake was awarded the Wilfred R. Lenz Jr. Endowed Memorial Scholarship for Excellence in Teaching

4-21-14 James was awarded the Esther and Stanley Kirschner teaching award

4-21-14 Maryam received Department Citations for teaching and Thilie received Graduate School Citations for Teaching

4-21-14 David received the ACS Inorganic award

4-1-14 Our paper on oxalate sensing was published online by Dalton Transactions

12-19-13 Jeff received the department travel award

10-14-13 Our paper on the reductive coupling of azides was published online in Inorganic Chemistry

10-5-13 Undergraduates Dan and David presented at the Midwestern Undergraduate Research Symposium at Michigan State Univeristy

9-7-13 Stas, Blake, James, and Jeff presented at the ACS meeting in Indianapolis, IN

8-28-13 Undergraduate Students Adam and Nour join the Lab.

8-9-13 Our paper on seesaw geometry transition metal alkoxide complexes was published online in Chemistry- a European Journal

7-17-13 James, Jeff, and Blake all became Ph.D. candidates 

5-8-13 David Wins the Undergraduate Research and Creative Projects Award

5-7-13 Summer Researcher Dan rejoins the lab

5-2-13 Undergraduate Student Natalija Graduates and is off to Medical School

5-1-13 Our full paper on the chemistry of di-nickel complexes with CS2 is published in Organometallics

4-30-13 Undergraduate Student Asmar joins the lab

4-29-13 Jeff wins the Thomas C. Rumble Departmental Fellowship for 2013-2014 academic year

4-27-13 Blake and Jeff win the Esther and Stanley Kirschner Teaching Award

4-27-13  James Bellow wins a Graduate School Teaching Citation

1-7-13 Undergraduate Students Sam, Shervyn, and Nicholas join the Lab

8-29-12 Undergrads David and Natalija join the lab

8-8-12  Our paper on CS2 binding has been published in Chemical Communications

5-12-12 Undergraduate Researchers Stephen Morrison and Dan Santalucia Join the Lab

5-7-12 Monika Toton Graduated with Honors

5-2-12 Taghreed Mahmoud Wins the Undergraduate Research Award