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Department of Chemistry
NMR & EPR Lab Mgr. Profile
Jun Jiang, Ph.D.
Title 700 MHz NMR Laboratory Manager
Location Lumigen Instrumentation Center
A. Paul Schaap Chemistry Building
Education B.S., Peking University, Pharmacy, 2002
M.S.,Peking University, Chemistry, 2005
Ph.D., Wayne State University, Chemistry, 2012
Post-Doctoral, Wayne State University, 2012-
Office Chem 53
Phone NMR Lab:(313) 577-9240 / Research Lab 577-3090

After earning his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Wayne State University, Dr. Jiang joined the Lumigen Instrument Center Staff to manage the 700 MHz NMR. He is an expert in elucidating the structures of biomolecules, especially ribosome RNA constructs, with nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Due to the mere number of atoms in a biomolecule, different combinations of 2D and 3D experiments on natural-abundance and isotope-enriched samples have been applied in his research for resonance assignments and restraint determination. The NMR structures of two RNA hairpins from his thesis work have been accepted by the BMRB and PDB. Currently, he is developing methodology that will enable users to determine the composition of biological samples and to investigate chemical reaction kinetics. Benefiting from the training in both Chemistry and Biology, he is proficient in sample preparations of biomolecules, including enzymatic synthesis of RNAs, over expression of proteins, and purification protocols.


Jiang, J., Kharel, D.N., Chow. C.S. Modulation of Conformational Changes in Helix 69 Mutants by Pseudouridine Modifications. Biophys. Chem. 200-201, 48-55. (2015)

Jiang, J., Aduri, R., Chow, C.S. and SantaLucia, J., Jr. Structure Modulation of Helix 69 from Escherichia coli 23S Ribosomal RNA by Pseudouridylations. Nucleic Acids Res. 42, 3971-81. (2014)

Jiang, J., Sakakibara, Y. and Chow, C.S. Helix 69: a multitasking RNA motif as a novel drug target. Israel Journal of Chemistry 53(6-7), 379-90. (2013)

Sumita, M., Jiang, J., SantaLucia, J., Jr. and Chow, C.S. Comparison of solution conformations and stabilities of modified helix 69 rRNA analogues from bacteria and human. Biopolymer 97(2), 94-106. (2012)

Sijenyi, F., Saro, P., Ouyang, Z., Damm-Ganamet, K., Wood, M., Jiang, J. and SantaLucia, J., Jr. The RNA Folding Problems: Different levels of RNA Structure Prediction, in RNA 3D Structure Analysis and Prediction. Leontis, N. and Westhof, E. (Eds.) Series "Nucleic Acids and Molecular Biology", Springer (2011)

Jiang, J., Yang, X. and Wang, K. Inhibition of cysteine protease papain by metal ions and polysulfide complexes, especially mercuric ion. Journal of Chinese Pharmaceutical Sciences. 2007(16) 1-8. (2007)

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5101 Cass Ave, Detroit, MI 48202
Phone: (313) 577-7784    Fax: (313) 577-8822

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