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X-Ray Crystallography Laboratory

The newly renovated X-Ray Crystallography Core Facility is administered by Lumigen Instrument Center and is located in the basement of the A. Paul Schaap Chemistry Building. Dr. Cassie Ward is the core manager and is responsible for training, instrument service and maintenance, safety, fee-for-service analysis, and laboratory policy. Within this laboratory there are two X-ray powder diffractometers (Bruker D2 Phaser and Bruker D8 ADVANCE) used for powder and thin film material characterization and an X-ray single-crystal diffractometer (Bruker X8 APEX) used to determine small molecule structure.

Powder and Thin-Film X-Ray Diffraction Facility

The powder/thin-film X-ray diffractometer (PXRD) provides compositional analysis. Researchers in several areas, including organic and inorganic chemistry, materials chemistry, and biochemistry used PXRD to determine phase identification, crystallinity, lattice parameters, expansion tensors, phase transition, crystal structure refinement of materials, and thin-film thickness, density and roughness. The Lumigen Instrument Center (LIC) has two PXRDs; the D2 Phaser (Bruker) and the D8 Advance with a DAVINCI design (Bruker). The D2 Phaser is a simple bench top system with Cu source and Lynxeye detector. The D8 Advance has two radiation sources (Mo and Cu) to provide X-rays of different penetrating power, parallel beam mode option, high sensitivity with good energy resolution from a 2nd generation energy discriminating detector (Lynxeye XE-T), and five interchangeable stages. The various D8 Advance platforms includes air sensitive, temperature dependent (-193 and 900°C), and in situ electrode/battery X-ray diffraction and reflectivity experiments. First and higher orders material characterization of nanoparticles, thin films, structural materials, and next generation energy storage and batteries can be defined by PXDR and is critical in designing and developing new materials.

D2 Phaser
D8 Advance

Courses and Training

I. Required, non-credit. Training to competence on the X-ray diffraction instrument is the mandatory first step. The user is stepped through the standard operation procedure (SOP) developed by Dr. Ward. When competence has been demonstrated, the user is granted daytime use, with staff present. Twenty-four/seven status is granted to a user by Dr. Ward once he/she has demonstrated consistent and competent operation of the X-ray diffractometer. Six SOPs for the five stages and the D2 Phaser are available at the workstations and are accessible online, http://www.chem.wayne.edu/lumigen/x-ray-instruments.html

II. Optional, non-credit Workshops and Short Courses. X-ray diffraction workshops have been developed by Dr. Ward. Workshop topics include: X-ray diffraction basic concepts and thin-film and powder X-ray diffraction. How to use analysis programs (TOPAS, EVA, and GenX) will be covered in these workshops. Both lecture and lab components are included. The commercial programs (TOPAS and EVA) are provided to Wayne State researchers through licenses purchased by LIC. Attendance will include internal, industrial, and government users and clients, both current and prospective. Thus, these workshops expand beyond academic benefits to broader impacts and maximizing the use of the LIC.

TOPAS workshop offered in August 2018
Thin-film analysis offered in August 2018

Summer training workshops will be announced in February for summer 2019

Outreach and Collaboration

Monika Jansohn from Oakland University (a PUI), and Na4B, LLC, used the PXRD to characterize thin films that developed for her NSF Phase II SBIR Grant: Multi-Layer Ceramic Electrolyte Membrane (ML-CEM) for sodium batteries.

LIC staff provide personal and group tours to university, industry, and government researchers. The Archaeological Lab Analysis class (Fall 2017) toured the X-ray Crystallography Laboratory, and a collaboration with a student from Dr. Krysta Ryszewski's (Associate professor of Anthropology) research group was initiated. For the student's master's thesis, he worked along with Dr. Ward on samples collected at an old Detroit factory near the river, which resulted in a accepted publication. His experience included preparing the samples, measuring the powder diffraction using the D8 Advance, and using TOPAS and EVA for interpretation of the artifacts.

The Detroit Local Section of the American Chemical Society and Wayne State Chemistry will be hosting 6th through 8th graders from a local Detroit school, Neinas Dual Language Learning Academy, on March 15th. This day-long event includes a career panel, chemistry demonstrations, and lab tours of the Lumigen Instrument Center provided by the LIC staff.


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Acknowledgement Statement

The D8 Advance was procured with an National Science Foundation Major Research Instrumentation (NSF:MRI) grant. Please acknowledge this grant in publications, presentation, thesis, and dissertations. A suggested statement can read:
"This work made use of the PXDR facility that is partially funded by National Science Foundation #1427926."

Dr. Cassie Ward
X-ray Crystallography Lab Manager
Chemistry 61
(313) 577-2587

Dr. Judy Westrick
Director of Lumigen Instrument Center
Chemistry 225
(313) 577-2579


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