Lumigen Advisory Committee

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Lumigen Advisory Committee 2013 Members:

Click to Visit Stephanie L. Brock's Faculty Page  
Stephanie L. Brock
Title Professor
Division Inorganic (Solid State and Nanomaterials)
Office Chem 145
Research Area Synthesis, properties and applications of metal pnictide and chalcogenide extended solids and nanomaterials; sol-gel nanoparticle assembly; hybrid materials
Phone (313)577-3102

Click to Visit Jin K Cha's Faculty Page  
Jin K Cha
Title Professor
Division Organic
Office Chem 255
Research Area Organic synthesis; natural product synthesis
Phone (313)577-1073

Click to Visit Christine S. Chow's Faculty Page  
Christine S. Chow
Title Professor and Associate Dean, CLAS
Division Biochemistry
Office Chem 479
Research Area Nucleic Acid, Bioorganic, and Bioinorganic Chemistry
Phone (313)577-2594

David Coleman
Title Professor Emeritus - Consultant to Lumigen Instrument Ctr
Division Analytical
Office Chem 159
Phone (313)577-2586

Click to Visit Mary Kay Pflum's Faculty Page  
Mary Kay Pflum
Title Associate Professor
Division Organic (Biochemistry)
Office 323
Research Area Protein post-translational modification, histone deacetylase proteins, chemical genetics, medicinal chemistry
Phone (313) 577-1515

Click to Visit H. Bernhard Schlegel's Faculty Page  
H. Bernhard Schlegel
Title Professor
Division Physical (Theoretical, Computational)
Office 375
Phone (313) 577-2562

Click to Visit Sarah Trimpin's Faculty Page  
Sarah Trimpin
Title Assistant Professor
Division Analytical
Office 373
Research Area Total solvent-free mass spectrometric analysis of solubility-restricted, complex materials (membrane proteins, lipids, etc.) by coupling solvent-free ionization (MALDI, MILD ) to gas phase separation (IMS) methods.
Phone (313)577-9823

Judy Westrick
Title Director Lumigen Instrument Ctr
Division Analytical
Office Chem 71
Phone (313)577-2579

Click to Visit Charles H. Winter's Faculty Page  
Charles H. Winter
Title Professor & Associate Chair
Division Inorganic
Office Chem 153
Research Area Synthetic organometallic and inorganic chemistry, materials chemistry, nanoparticles, thin film growth by atomic layer deposition and chemical vapor deposition, and molecular orbital theory
Phone (313) 577-5224