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NMR Training & Usage Policy

  • New users must have background knowledge about basic concepts of proton and carbon NMR experiments prior to Participate in the basic NMR training program
  • Basic NMR training is offered periodically for all interested senior undergraduate, graduate students, and postdoctoral researchers
  • Intensive basic NMR training course can be scheduled on a need to have basis for incoming postdoctoral fellows and outside university individuals provided that they have adequate NMR background to meet the requirements for the training course
  • All trainees must pass a check-out protocol to validate their operational skill to obtain consistent NMR spectra
  • You must be authorized by Dr. Ksebati to use the particular NMR instrument that you are signing up for.

      No authorized user shall:

    1. Bring food or any beverages into the NMR lab.
    2. Run NMR experiment(s) or perform any operation on the instrument hardware or software for which the operator has not been specifically trained by LIC personnel.
    3. Permit any unauthorized individual to operate any NMR instrument in any capacity.
    4. Reserve more than six time slots per day (24 hour) per instrument.
    5. Reserve more than three consecutive time slots during 'prime time' (10am-6pm).
    6. Authorized users can reserve over-night slot (10:30PM to 7:30AM) after 4:00 PM.
  • Between 8am and 4pm, authorized users can only sign up for time-slots 4 hours into the future.
  • After 4pm, authorized users can sign up for time-slots up until 9am the next morning, provided that rules # 1 to 6 are preserved.
  • All special needs will be accommodated with advance notice by contacting LIC personnel.
  • If you break the LIC standard NMR tube inside the probe or outside or your own sample, you must inform the LIC staff immediately and place a note on the key board to alert other users of this incident.
  • It is the LIC policy that if break the NMR standard, you must replace it.
  • All authorized users must reserve time on instruments that they are authorized to use with the Resource Scheduler System BEFORE accessing the NMR instrument. Any user who fails to properly sign up will receive a written warning for the first offense (Copied) to their major professor and the LIC Director). A second offense will result In suspension of all NMR privileges for a minimum of two weeks.
  • LIC personnel will suspend or deny NMR access to any user who practices unsafe operation Or unacceptable behavior.
  • I agree to abide by the above specified rules and policy
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