Backing up your files to Gordon


Although Zip disks have become a convenient media for backing up your important files, have you ever stopped to think what would happen if you lost that all important zip disk? Or have you ever left your zip disk at home and decided that you were going to be lazy and just save your file to the hard drive, and then come back later in the afternoon to find that the hard drive had crashed overnight?

A very convenient low risk method to back up your files is available using the services provided in the Chemistry Department. Namely, Gordon is capable of being a file server for Macs and even PCs. On the Macintosh you can access your "Personal Mac Directory" conveniently by selecting Apple Menu-->Servers-->Personal Mac Dir. Once you have logged in, you can store up to 80 Mb of data (more disk space is available upon request from Nester). This server works just like your personal hard drive that you can access from anywhere on campus (if at another workstation on campus you'll need to use the chooser or network browser). One of the most significant advantages to using Gordon as a place to store your work is that your data is very safe. In other words, Gordon is backed up every night.

In summary Gordon is a great place to store your data because:

In order to access your Personal Mac Directory, do this:

  1. Open Apple Menu-->Servers-->Personal Mac Dir (Alternatively you can access Gordon via the Network Browser or Chooser in the CHEMISTRY-ET appletalk zone.)
  2. Log in into the server using your email user name and the first 8 characters of your password
  3. Once you have done the steps above, an icon will appear on the desktop that is called "Personal Mac Directory," which can be used just like any disk. When you are finished with the server you will need to drag the server to the trash to log out.

If you would like a copy of the applescripts then you can download them:


Last Updated: December 11, 2000
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