Setting Up Your Netscape Preferences


To make a Netscape account for yourself on one of the group computers, do the following:

  1. Launch Netscape from the apple menu on any of the Macs
  2. Click manage profiles
  3. Select New
  4. Fill in the required info Select the default values if you are not sure.
    Some helpful info:
    outgoing mail server is:
    mail server user name is your email username (mine is bjmyers)
    incoming mail server is:
    news server:
  5. Once the application launches you may get something asking to use Eudora as the default mail application (unless you use Eudora to check your email choose cancel)
  6. You can change all the above preferences by choosing the Edit-->Preferences menu.
  7. In the Preferences window selct Navigator and enter your homepage designation-- I suggest but put in whatever you want these are your preferences.
  8. You can add and edit your bookmarks from the bookmarks menu

Once you have an account and if you want to use the same exact preferences (bookmarks, mail, and cookies) on all of the group computers then you can run the Applescript "Set up Netscape" which is found in the Apple Menu-->Utilities-->Set up Netscape. This utility will place aliases for the appropriate files on your Personal Mac Dir on Gordon.

The Applescript should take no more than 30 seconds to run. After you run the script you will be required to provide your username and password each time you use Netscape. If you have any questions ask Brian.

IMPORTANT: If you decide to do use one set of preferences, you will need to make sure that you quit Netscape then drag your Personal Mac Directory to the trash to log out in that order.

Your Personal Mac Dir (it can also be accessed through the Chooser) is a great place to store important files. By default each person has 80 Mb of disk space to use. If you run out of disk space you can ask Mike Weller to increase your disk quota. Furthermore, your Personal Mac Directory is automatically backed up every night by Mike Weller, thus it is a very safe place to store important files.

More information concerning your Personal Mac Directory and Netscape preferences will be posted on our web page in the coming weeks.


Last Updated: December 11, 2000
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