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Tuesday, August 29, 2006
Duties People Responsible
--Bookstore Shyama
--CH2Cl2 still Kevin
--Chemical orders Udani
--Computers/Software JC, Kevin
--Copy cards Bilal
--Database Linda, Marie
--Dry box Stephane
--Environmental health and safety Udani (210), Stephane (220)
--Ether Stephane
--THF Still Marie
--Glassblower Marie, Stephane
--HPLC Kevin
--IR plates Shyama
--Kugelrohr JC
--MS/EA Sample Submission Bilal
--TLC plates/silica gel JC
--TLC stains Valerie (210), Shyama (220)
--UV Cuvets Valerie
--Waste Contact Udani, Stephane
--Web page JC, Kevin
--Printer (cartridge, paper) Udani
--balances Marie

Sorted by Person
Person Responsibilities
Bilal MS/EA sample submissions, Copy cards
Udani Environmental health and safety, Waste Contact, printer, Chemical orders
JC TLC plates/silica gel, Web page, Kugelrohr, Computers/Software
Kevin HPLC, Web page, CH2Cl2 still, Computers/Software
Linda Database,
Stephanie Kugelrohr
Shyama Bookstore, IR plates, TLC stains
Marie Glassblower, database, balances, THF still
Valerie TLC stains, UV cuvets
Stephane Dry Box, Et2O still, Glassblower, Waste Contact, Environmental H&S

In addition to the duties assigned above, group members are also scheduled for solvent/stockroom duties.