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Sunday, August 10th, 2003

Resources at Wayne State University

[Bullet]Wayne State University (WSU)

[Bullet]WSU Chemistry Department

[Bullet]WSU, College of Science

[Bullet]WSU, Science & Engineering Library

[Bullet]WSU Chemistry Courses

[Bullet]WSU Science Stores

[Bullet]WSU EH&S

[Bullet]EH&S Waste Pickup form

Chemistry Sites--General Information

[Bullet]Web of Science


[Bullet]IUPAC--Chemical Terminology

[Bullet]ACS Organic Division

[Bullet]National Library of Medicine(Medline, etc)

[Bullet]Metabolic Pathways of Biochemistry

[Bullet]More Chemistry Links

[Bullet]Rolf Claessen's Chemistry Index

[Bullet]Science's NextWave

[Bullet]Links for Chemists from the Univ. of Liverpool

General Journal Sites

[Bullet]List of Online Synthetic Organic Chemistry Journals

[Bullet]ACS Online Publications

[Bullet]ASAP Alerts for ACS Online Journals

[Bullet]A List of Chemistry Online Journals

[Bullet]Another List of Chemistry Online Journals

Medicinal Chemistry Links

[Bullet]Mayo Clinic

[Bullet]Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Companies

[Bullet]Pharmaceutical Industries YellowPages

[Bullet]Pharmaceutical Company News

[Bullet]NIH Entrez Search

Job Search Links

[Bullet]Job Spectrum--ACS



Miscellaneous Links

[Bullet]Acronym Search

[Bullet]Chemistry Related Mailing Lists

[Bullet]Chemweb--Databases of Organic Information

[Bullet]Commercially Available Chemicals

[Bullet]Dutch Dictionary on Organic Chemistry

[Bullet]Detroit Chemists Web Page

[Bullet]Electronic Encyclopedia of Organic Reagents

[Bullet]Lab Safety

[Bullet]MSDS via Cheminfo

[Bullet]MSDS online  Login: rigby_group1,  Pass: 14121726214

[Bullet]Nobel Prizes in Chemistry

[Bullet]NMR Basics

[Bullet]Online Organic Synthesis

[Bullet]Organic Synthetic Groups

[Bullet]World Organic Synthetic Groups

[Bullet]Organometallic Hypertextbook

[Bullet]Patent Search

[Bullet]Periodic Table of Elements

[Bullet]pKa values

[Bullet]Synthesis of Various Natural Products

[Bullet]Younger Chemist's Committee

Quick Links

[Bullet]Named Organic Reactions

[Bullet]US Organic Synthetic Groups

[Bullet]World Organic Synthetic Groups

[Bullet]Online Syn. Org. Chem. Journals

[Bullet]Search for Commercial Compounds

[Bullet]Web of Science

[Bullet]Online Spectra

[Bullet]Electronic EROS