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This Page was Updated:
Tuesday, Sept 19th, 2006

In the Rigby group, we normally have two meetings per week. During the meeting on Tuesday evenings (5-8 PM), two people present interesting, recent literature articles, and we have people work out problems from a previously prepared problem set. During a second meeting, held over lunch on Fridays, a group member presents their research. The people presenting literature, preparing a problem set, or presenting their research are listed below:


Winter 2007--Literature (Chem 237)
Tuesdays 5-8 PM

Date Speaker #1 (Journal) Speaker #2 (Journal)
Feb 6 Valerie (JACS [odd]) Udani (Angew. [odd])
Feb 13 Bilal (Chem.: A Euro. J.) Stephane (Eur. J. Org. Chem.)
Feb 20 Kevin (Angew. [even]) JC (Tet./Tet. Lett./Tet. Asym.)
Feb 27 Valerie (Org. Lett. [odd]) Udani (Chem. Comm.)
Mar 6 Bilal (JACS [even]) Stephane (Acc. Chem. Res. [odd])
Mar 20 JC (Org. Lett. [even]) Kevin (JOC [even])

Each presenter is allowed to present from his or her assigned journal from the past six months (the more recent, the better). Note: [Odd] means that the presenter should limit his or her research to only the "odd issue numbers" of the appropriate journal. Those presenters assigned to Syn/Synlett are free to chose between these journals or any other appropriate journal not listed on the schedule.


Winter 2007--Problem Set Preparation (Chem 237)
Tuesdays 5-8 PM

Feb 6 Laurent
Feb 13 Perera
Feb 20 Brouet
Feb 27 Declerck
March 6 Abou Aleiwi
Mar 20 Kells


Winter 2007--Research (Lab 210)
Fridays 12-1 PM

Feb 16 Kells
Mar 2 Perera
Mar 9 Declerck
Mar 23 Laurent