Fixing Microsoft Word Preferences


MSWord basically thinks that you don't know what you're doing and tries to fix things for you. For example, the first word in a sentence is capitalized for you and email addresses are made into hyperlinks (turned blue and underlined).

To turn off these "features" open format-->autoformat--options.

In the autocorrect panel, turn off "Capitalize first letter of sentences" In the autoformat and autoformat as you type panels, turn off everything that you don't want replaced and formated. I usually have only use smart quotes and *bold* and _italic_ checked.

Also, there are other preferences in edit-->preferences (Word 2000) or tools-->preferences (other versions) that I like to turn off:

Edit panel: automatically select entire word, Use smart cut and paste

Save panel: allow fast saves (There are bugs in this "feature" which can corrupt long documents).

Spelling panel: Check spelling as you type and check grammer as you type. This depends on the type of document, etc. For long documents, it tends to slow things down a lot.


Last Updated: July 18, 2001
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