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Analytical Seminar Schedule
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Analytical Seminar Schedule
Winter 2019
Tuesdays (unless noted* otherwise) at 2:30-3:30 PM, Schaap Lecture Hall
Jan 8 No seminar scheduled.
Jan 15 No seminar scheduled.
Jan 22 Lars Konermann, University of Western Ontario
"Using Mass Spectrometry to Study Protein Biophysics in Solution, in Droplets, and in the Gas Phase". (Host: Sarah Trimpin)
Jan 29 David Bolliet, Kalsec, Inc.
"Detroit to Kalamazoo: The 20 Year Journey in the Life of an Analytical Chemist". (Host: Colin Poole)
Feb 5 Anne Shim and Erika M. Peterman, BASF
"Customer Driven Innovation in a Changing World". (Host: NOBCChe)
Feb 12 Sunitha Nagrath, University of Michigan
"Micro Nanotechnologies for the Clinical Applications of Circulating Tumor Cells: Implementing Liquid Biopsy". (Host: Tom Linz)
Feb 18* Shelley D. Minteer, University of Utah
"Enzymatic Bioelectrocatalysis for Energy and Synthesis Applications". (Host: Long Luo)
Feb 19 Sossina M. Haile, Northwestern University
"State of the Art in Solid Acid Fuel Cells". (Host: NOBCChE)
Feb 26 No seminar scheduled. Departmental review
Mar 5 Adam Abate, University of California, San Franscisco
"Quantitative Biology with Droplet Microfluidics". (Host: Tom Linz)
Mar 12 No seminar. Spring break
Mar 19 No seminar. Pittcon (March 17-21, Philadelphia, PA)
Mar 26 Peter Nemes, University of Maryland Baltimore County
"A Mass Spectrometric Leap to Single Differentiating Cells in the Live (Frog) Embryo". (Host: Mary T. Rodgers)
Apr 2 No seminar scheduled. ACS National Meeting (March 31-Apr 4, Orlando, FL)
Apr 9 Greg M. Swain, Michigan State University
"Detecting Biological and Environmental Analytes Using Diamond and Tetrahedral Amorphous Carbon Thin-Film Electrodes". (Host: Long Luo)
Apr 16 Paul Stemmer, Wayne State University
"Proteomics 2019: What Is Possible and What Is Ordinary". (Host: Judy Westrick).
Apr 23 No seminar scheduled. Study day.
Apr 30 No seminar scheduled. Final Exams.

Last updated: January 08, 2019
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