Analytical Seminar Schedule
Fall 2018
Tuesdays (unless noted* otherwise) at 2:30-3:30 PM, Schaap Lecture Hall
Sep 11 Subramanium Pennathur, University of Michigan School of Medicine
"Metabolomics in Biological Systems: Analytical and Computational Strategies". (Host: Rodgers)
Sep 18 No seminar scheduled
Sep 25 Benjamin J. Bythell, University of Missouri-St. Louis
"Chemistry of Useful Destruction". (Host: Trimpin)
Oct 2 Sossina M. Haile, Northwestern University
"State-of-the-Art in Solid Acid Fuel Cells". (Host: NOBCChE)
. Cancelled.
Oct 9 A. Daniel Jones, Michigan State University
"Discovering Innovation in Specialized Metabolism - Analytical Strategies and Challenges". (Host: Rodgers)
Oct 16 Lauryn DeGreeff, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
"Canine Detectors: The Original Biosensor". (Host: Linz)
Oct 23 No Seminar Scheduled.
Oct 30 No Seminar scheduled.
Nov 6 Shanlin Pan, the University of Alabama
"Spectroelectrochemistry Analysis of Single Au NPs for Ultrasensitive Sensing and Plasmon-Enhanced Light Harvesting and Conversion". (Host: Luo)
Nov 13 No Seminar, The 2018 Midwestern Ultities Analytical Chemistry Conference (MUACC)
Nov 20 No Seminar. Thanksgiving week
Nov 27 Zachary Devereaux, Wayne State University (Rodgers Research Group)
Dec 4 Harrison Roy, Wayne State University (Rodgers Research Group)

Last updated: September 28, 2018