Analytical Seminar Schedule
Fall 2014
Tuesdays (unless noted* otherwise) at 3:00-4:30 PM, Schaap Lecture Hall
Sept 2 Zachary Schultz, Notre Dame University
"Plasmonic Enhancements for Chemical Analysis"
(Host: Rodgers)
Sept 9 Andre Striegel, NIST
"Size-based and interactive macromolecular separations"
(Host: Poole)
Sept 16 Michael Roper, Florida State University
"Microfluidic Systems for Measuring Dynamics of Insulin Secretion"
(Host: Trimpin)
Sept 23 Lisa Jones, IUPUI
"Protein Footprinting Coupled with Mass Spectrometry for Protein Structural Analysis"
(Host: Rodgers)
Sept 30 Lina Basal (Allen Group)
"Toward detection of galectin-3 using fluorine-labeled thiodigalactosides"
Oct 7 Hanbin Mao, Kent State University
"Mechanochemical Sensing"
(Host: Poole)
Oct 14 Ingrid Fritsch, University of Arkansas
"Spirals, Lines, and Flat Profiles: Programmable Microfluidics by Magnetoelectrochemistry"
(Host: Hashemi)
Oct 21 Michael Webb, UNC Wilmington
"Solution-cathode glow discharge optical emission spectrometry"
(Host: Trimpin)
Oct 28 Jim Burgess, Case Western University
"Microelectrode Analysis of Cell Plasma Membrane Cholesterol"
Nov 4 Jill Venton, University of Virginia
"Developing rapid sensors for in vivo neurotransmitter measurements"
(Host: Hashemi)
Nov 11 Casey Foley (Trimpin Group)
"Characterization of Synthetic Polymers for Industrial and Potential Medical Applications"
Nov 18 Reserved for Faculty Candidate
Nov 25 Reserved for Faculty Candidate
Dec 2 Reserved for Faculty Candidate

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