Analytical Seminar Schedule
Winter 2015
Tuesdays (unless noted* otherwise) at 3:00-4:30 PM, Schaap Lecture Hall
Jan 13 Aya Abdalla (Hashemi Group)
"FSCV and FSCAV: neurochemical applications and challenges"
Jan 20 John McLean, Vanderbilt University
"Structural mass spectrometry strategies in systems, synthetic, and chemical biology"
(Host: Rodgers)
Jan 27 Ryan Thomas (Verani Group)
"On the Nature of Excited-States in Ruthenium Complexes"
Feb 3 Amanda Hummon, Notre Dame University
"Imaging Mass Spectrometry of 3D Cell Cultures"
(Host: Poole)
Feb 10 TBA
Feb 17 Bryan Harless (Trimpin Group)
Feb 24 Mohammadreza Nasiriavanaki, Biomedical Engineering, WSU
"High-Resolution Imaging Modalities in Biomedical Research"
Mar 3 Yongli Zhang, Civil and Environmental Engineering, WSU
"Sustainability decision making for integrated biofuel production and water management"
Mar 10 No seminar, Pittcon
Mar 17 No seminar, Spring Break
Mar 24 No seminar, ACS
Mar 31 Yuanyuan Yang (Hashemi Group)
"Functionalization of Microelectrodes for Real-time Trace Metal Detection"
Apr 7 Charles N McEwen, Houghton Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry, University of the Sciences
"Conversion of Nonvolatile Compounds to Gas-Phase Ions for Analysis by Mass Spectrometry: History, Fundamentals, and Current State"
(Host: Trimpin)
Apr 14 Keith Stevenson, University of Texas, Austin
"Electrochemistry of Nanocarbon Materials: From Fundamentals to Applications"
(Host: Hashemi)
Apr 21 Zhijin Lin (Allen Group)
"17O-NMR study ligand-exchange rate in ionic liquid"
Apr 28 Facundo Fernando, Georgia Tech
"Molecular Measurements and Imaging by Mass Spectrometry"
(Host: Rodgers)
May 5 Pavithra Pathirathna (Hashemi Group)
"Fast metal voltammetry on carbon fiber microelectrodes"

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