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Biochemistry Seminar Schedule
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Biochemistry Seminar Schedule
Winter 2019
Fridays at 3:30 pm in Schaap Lecture Hall (unless noted otherwise)
Jan 11 Evan Jones, WSU (Chow and Santalucia Research groups)
"GPX4, a selenoprotein essential for preventing cell death by ferroptosis".
Jan 18 Peter Lu, Bowling Green State University
"Nanoscopic probing and force manipulating protein conformational dynamics from single molecules to single living cells". (Host Hien Nguyen)
Jan 25 Jessica Stewart, WSU (Bhagwat Research group).
"Role of DNA glycosylase OGG1 in gene regulation and inflammatory response".
Feb 1 Nuwan Acharige, WSU (Pflum Research group)
"Identification of Phosphatase Substrates and Kinases using γ-Modified ATP Analogs".
Feb 8 Prof. Ajith Karunarathne, University of Toledo
"TBA". (Host: Mary Kay Pflum)
Feb 15 Vindya Ramanayake-Mudiyanselage, WSU (Pflum Research group)
"kinase-catalyzed biotinylation to identify kinase substrates and map signaling pathways".
Feb 22 Harshani Sewvandi, WSU (Ahn Research group)
Mar 1 No seminar. Recruiting week.
Mar 8 Amanda Hargrove, Duke University
"Deciphering patterns in selective small molecule:RNA interactions". (Host: Christine Chow)
Mar 15 No seminar. Spring break.
Mar 22 Kabirul Islam, University of Pittsburgh
"TBA". (Host: Mary Kay Pflum)
Mar 29 Prof. Alex Grenning, University of Florida
"TBA". (Host: Charlie Fehl)
Apr 5 Prof. Helen Blackwell, University of Utah
"Chemical tools to intercept and interrogate bacterial communication pathways". (Host: Tamara Hendrickson)
Apr 12 Prof. Jen Heemstra
"Harnessing Nucleic Acid Molecular Recognition and Self-Assembly for Biosensing and Bioimaging". (Host: Andrew Feig)
Apr 15* Natalia Tretyakova, University of Minnesota
"Chemistry of DNA and protein modifications by electrophilic species". (Host: Christine Chow). *Frontiers seminar Monday
Apr 19 Cristina Woo
"Chemical control of the O-glycoproteome". (Host: Tamara Hendrickson)
Apr 26 Florence Williams, University of Alberta
"TBA". (Host: Charlie Fehl)

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