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Biochemistry Seminar Schedule
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Biochemistry Seminar Schedule
Winter 2018
Fridays at 3:30 pm in Schaap Lecture Hall (unless noted otherwise)
Jan 12 No Seminar.
Jan 19 Ramin Sakhtemni, Wayne State University, Bhagwat Lab
"TBA". 4th Year Seminar.
Jan 26 Prof. Jean-Paul Desaulniers, University of Ontario Institute of Technology
"Chemically-Modified siRNAs that Make Sense". (Host: Chow)
Feb 2 Lakshani Perera, Wayne State University, Bhagwat Lab
"TBA". 4th Year Seminar.
Feb 5* Prof. Jennifer Kohler, UT Southwestern
"Revealing Glycan-mediated Interactions Through Photocrosslinking". (Host: Nguyen). *Frontiers Monday 3:30
Feb 9 Prof. Amanda Garner, University of Michigan
"Chemical Probing of Translational Control and microRNA Biology". (Host: Chow).
Feb 16 Prof. Marino Resendiz, University of Colorado Denver
"Exploring the Structural and Functional Impact of 8-oxo-7,8-Dihydroguanosine (8-oxoG) on RNA with Aptamer Models". (Host: Chow).
Feb 23 No Seminar. Graduate Recruiting
Mar 2 No Seminar. Graduate Recruiting
Mar 9 Prof. Pete Dedon, MIT
"The Central Dogma in the age of nucleic acid modifications: The epigenome and epitranscriptome control the 'when' and 'how much' of gene expression". (Host: Chow lab). T.T. Tchen Memorial Lecture
Mar 16 No Seminar. Spring Break
Mar 23 Inosha Gomes, Wayne State University, Pflum Lab
Mar 30 No Seminar.
Apr 6 Dr. Jordan Meier, NIH
"New Insights into Acetyltransferases from Chemoproteomics". (Host: Pflum).
Apr 13 Prof. Patrick O'Donoghue, University of Western Ontario
"tRNAs are Agents of Genetic Code Expansion, evolution, and Ambiguity". (Host: Hendrickson)
Apr 16* Prof. Pete Beal, UC Davis
"RNA Editing by Adenosine Deaminases". (Host: Bhagwat). *Frontiers Monday 3:30

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