Biochemistry Seminar Schedule
Fall 2014
Fridays at 3:30 pm in Schaap Lecture Hall (unless noted otherwise)
Sept 12 David Sherman, University of Michigan, "The Lego-ization of Polyketide Biosynthesis"
(Host: Hendrickson)
Sept 15* Greg Weiss, University of California, Irvine, "Single Molecule Enzymology and Daily Diagnostics with Nanoelectronics" (Host: Chow)
Sept 19 Penelope Higgs, Wayne State University, "Myxococcus xanthus differentiation: signaling twists and cell walls" (Host: Feig)
Sept 26 Weilong Hao, Wayne State University, "Hyper-sex in asexual genomes: Massive homologous recombination in Bacteria" (Host:Bhagwat)
Oct 3 Rahul Kohli, University of Pennsylvania "The Enzymatic Generation of Genomic and Epigenomic Diversity" (Host: Bhagwat)
Oct 10 Brian McNaughton, Colorado State University, "Expanding the Functional Utility of Proteins as Research Tools and Therapeutic Leads" (Host: Chow)
Oct 14** No Biochemistry Seminar
Oct 24 Whitney Wood (Hendrickson) and Prabuddha Madubashitha (Chow), Wayne State University, "TBA"
Oct 31 Dhanushka Nalin Munkanatta Godage (Ahn), Wayne State University, "TBA"
Nov 7 Zhe Yang, Wayne State University, "SMYD structure and function: A protein family involved in cardivascular development and cancer" (Host: SantaLucia)
Nov 14 Kefei Yu, Michigan State University, "Mechanism of Immunoglobulin class switch recombination" (Host: Bhagwat)
Nov 21 David Ferguson, University of Michigan, "Control of Kinase Signaling by Mre11 during DNA Damage Responses" (Host: Bhagwat)
Nov 28 No Biochemistry Seminar. Thanksgiving Holiday
Dec 5 Shanqiao Wei (Bhagwat), Wayne State University, "TBA"

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