Biochemistry Seminar Schedule
Fall 2016
Fridays at 3:30 pm in Schaap Lecture Hall (unless noted otherwise)
Sep 2 Prof. Eli Chapman, University of Arizona
"Changing the Drug Discovery Perspective" (Host: Christine Chow)
Sep 9 No seminar scheduled
Sep 16 Prabuddha Madubashitha, Wayne State University (Chow Research Group)
4th year talk "TBA"
Sep 23♣ No seminar scheduled; WSU BEST Phase I Govt Panel
Sep 30 Adam Boyden, Wayne State University (Feig Research Group)
4th year talk "TBA"
Oct 7♦ No seminar scheduled; Graduate Student Research Day
Oct 10* Prof. Jin Zhang, University of California - San Diego
"Illuminating the Biochemical Activity Architecture of the Cell"
Oct 14 Prof. Sanela Martic, Oakland University
"Biomolecular approach to immunotherapies for tauopathies" (Host: Mary Kay Pflum)
Oct 21 Prof. Haidong Gu, Wayne State University
"ICP0 - A Master Viral Regulator Countering Host Defense" (Host: Christine Chow)
Oct 28 Prof. Dr. Christian Hackenberger, Leibniz-Institut für Molekulare Pharmakologie
"The power of chemoselectivity: Functional protein-conjugates for proteomic and pharmaceutical research" (Host: David Crich)
Nov 4 Whitney Wood, Wayne State University (Hendrickson Research Group)
4th year talk "TBA"
Nov 11 Bett Kimutai, Wayne State University (Chow Research Group)
Nov 18 Prof. Tadhg Begley, Texas A&M University
T.T. Tchen Lecture "TBA" (Host: Young-Hoon Ahn)
Dec 2 Prof. Fu-Shen Liang, University of New Mexico
"Engineering Cell Signaling and Behaviors via Signal-Induced Protein Proximity" (Host: Young-Hoon Ahn)
. Cancelled.
Dec 9 Prof. Blanton Tolbert, Case Western Reserve University
"Integrated Biophysical Methods to Reveal Mechanisms of Host-Virus Interactions" (Host: Christine Chow)

Last updated: September 04, 2018