Biochemistry Seminar Schedule
Winter 2015
Fridays at 3:30 pm in Schaap Lecture Hall (unless noted otherwise)
Jan 9 No Seminar
Jan 16* Dan Nocera, MIT , "The Artificial Leaf" (Host: Groysman)
Jan 23 Fu-Shin Yu, Karmanos Institute, "Diabetic peripheral neuropathy seen through the window of the eye" (Host: Bhagwat)
Jan 30 Olivia Merkel, Wayne State University, "Non-viral pulmonary siRNA delivery as novel anti-inflammatory therapy" (Host:Chow)
Feb 6 Pavithra Dedigama, (Pflum Lab), 4th year student seminar, "Novel Insights into WNT palmitoylation by Porcupine"
Feb 13 Bett Kimutai (Chow Lab) and Brianna Jackman (Feig Lab), 2nd year student seminars, "Uridylation by TUT4 and TUT7 marks mRNA for degradation" (Kimutai) and "Effects of artificial sweeteners on glucose metabolism and gut microbiota" (Jackman)
Feb 20 Adam Boyden (Feig Lab), 2nd year student seminar, "Reprogramming cell lineage using CRISPR-Cas system"
Feb 27 Tim Stemmler, WSU Medical School, Dept of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, "Molecular Characteristics of the Mitochondrial Iron-Sulfur Cluster Assembly" (Host: Hendrickson)
Mar 6 Pavel Silvestrov (Cisneros Lab), 4th year student seminar, "Intrinsic disordered proteins"
Mar 13 Nisansala Muthunayake (Chow Lab), 4th year student seminar, "RNA made in its own image"
Mar 20 No Seminar. Spring Break
Mar 27 No Seminar
Apr 3 No Seminar
Apr 10 Dhanusha Nalawansha (Pflum Lab), 4th year student seminar, "Selective killing of cancer cells by tumor suppressor PAR-4"
Apr 13* Lou J. Romano, Wayne State University, "Single-molecule microscopy reveals new insights into DNA polymerase mechanism"
Apr 17 Jiantao Guo, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, "Crafting Desired Functions Through Biomolecular Engineering" (Host: Ahn)
Apr 24 Maheeka Embogama (Pflum Lab), 4th year student seminar,"Autophagy in Huntington's Disease"

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