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Neil E. Gordon
Dept chair 1942-1947

The Frontiers seminar series was established in 1946 by Neil Gordon (founder of the Gordon Conferences) the Departmental Chairperson. His purpose was to bring the finest scientists of the time to Wayne State University to describe ongoing research at the frontiers of science. The first series included lectures from Peter Debye, C. C. Price, H. B. Haas, G. T. Seaborg, C. F. Kettering and Henry Eyring. The Frontiers lectures are a tradition of excellence that continue to this day.

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Frontiers Seminar Schedule
Winter 2019
Mondays at 3:30 pm in the Schaap Lecture Hall (unless noted otherwise)
Jan 7 Prof. Weitao Yang, Duke University
"The Wonders of Electron Density: from Half of an Electron, to Noncovalent Interactions of Biomolecular Complexes". (Host: Zhenfei Liu)
Jan 14 Faculty Search or Faculty Meeting.
Jan 21 No Seminar. Holiday; Martin Luther King Day
Jan 28 Prof. Sherry Chemler, SUNY - Buffalo
"Enantioselective Copper-Catalyzed Synthesis of Saturated Heterocycles". (Host:Hien Nguyen)
Feb 4 Prof. Stephen Withers, University of British Columbia
"Discovery, Design and Development of Human Amylase Inhibitors: from nM to pM". (Host: Jenn Stockdill)
Feb 11 Prof. Scott Miller, Yale University
"Asymmetric Catalysis in Complex Molecular Environments". (Host: Jenn Stockdill)
Feb 18 Prof. Shelley Minteer, University of Utah
"Enzymatic Bioelectrocatalysis for Energy and Synthesis Applications". (Host: Long Luo)
Feb 25 Prof. Greg D. Scholes, Princeton University
"Probing Ultrafast Chemical Dynamics Inspired by the Rhythms of Fireflies". (Host: Aaron Rury)
Mar 4 Prof. Olafs Daugulis, University of Houston
"New Methods for C-H Bond Functionalization". (Host: Hien Nguyen)
Mar 11 No seminar. Spring Break
Mar 18 Prof. Javier Read de Alaniz, UC - Santa Barbara
"Design and Development of Stimuli Responsive Systems". (Host: Hien Nguyen)
Mar 25 No seminar. Faculty meeting.
Apr 1 No seminar. ACS National Meeting March 31-April 4
Apr 8 Prof. Federico A. Rabuffetti, Wayne State University
"Synthesis, Crystal-Chemistry, and Reactivity of Bimetallic Fluoroacetates: From Serendipity to a New Family of Organic-Inorganic Hybrids".
Apr 15 Prof. Natalia Tretyakova, University of Minnesota
"Chemistry of DNA and protein modifications by electrophilic species". (Host: Christine Chow)
Apr 22 No seminar. Honors Convocation.

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