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Frontiers Seminar Schedule

Neil E. Gordon
Dept chair 1942-1947

The Frontiers seminar series was established in 1946 by Neil Gordon (founder of the Gordon Conferences) the Departmental Chairperson. His purpose was to bring the finest scientists of the time to Wayne State University to describe ongoing research at the frontiers of science. The first series included lectures from Peter Debye, C. C. Price, H. B. Haas, G. T. Seaborg, C. F. Kettering and Henry Eyring. The Frontiers lectures are a tradition of excellence that continue to this day.

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Frontiers Seminar Schedule
Winter 2018
Mondays at 3:30 pm in the Schaap Lecture Hall (unless noted otherwise)
Jan 15 No seminar scheduled. Martin Luther King holiday.
Jan 22 Faculty candidate/Reserved for Departmental meeting. No seminar scheduled
Jan 29 Faculty candidate/Reserved for Departmental meeting. No seminar scheduled
Feb 5 Professor Jennifer Kohler, University of Texas Southwestern
"Revealing glycan-mediated interactions through photocrosslinking". (Host: Nguyen)
Feb 12 Open
Feb 19 Professor Sibrina N. Collins, Lawrence Technological University

"Hidden Figures: African American Contributions to STEM + C.". (Host: NOBCChE).
Feb 26 Professor Lai-Xi Wang, University of Maryland
"Chemoenzymatic synthesis and functional studies of glycoproteins". (Host: Nguyen)
Mar 5 Professor Bo Zhang, University of Washington
"Understanding transient electrochemistry of single nanoparticles and single molecules". (Host: Luo)
Mar 12 Spring Break. No seminar scheduled
Mar 19 ACS Meeting, March 18-22, 2018
Mar 26 Professor Nick Winograd, Penn State University
"Bioimaging Mass Spectrometry at the single cell level with Cluster Ion Beams". (Host: Trimpin)
Apr 2 Professor Jonathan L. Sessler, University of Texas - Austin
"Texaphyrins as Drug Candidates: Life, Death, and Attempts at Resurrection". (Host: Groysman)
Apr 9 Professor Jennifer Stockdill, Wayne State University
"Strategies and methods for the synthesis of neuroactive disulfide-linked peptides".
Apr 16 Professor Peter Beal, University of California - Davis
"RNA Editing by Adenosine Deaminases". (Host: Bhagwat)
Apr 23 Classes end.

Last updated: March 07, 2018
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