Frontiers Seminar Schedule
Winter 2018
Mondays at 3:30 pm in the Schaap Lecture Hall (unless noted otherwise)
Jan 15 No seminar scheduled. Martin Luther King holiday.
Jan 22 Faculty candidate/Reserved for Departmental meeting. No seminar scheduled
Jan 29 Faculty candidate/Reserved for Departmental meeting. No seminar scheduled
Feb 5 Professor Jennifer Kohler, University of Texas Southwestern
"Revealing glycan-mediated interactions through photocrosslinking". (Host: Nguyen)
Feb 12 Open
Feb 19 Professor Sibrina N. Collins, Lawrence Technological University

"Hidden Figures: African American Contributions to STEM + C.". (Host: NOBCChE).
Feb 26 Professor Lai-Xi Wang, University of Maryland
"Chemoenzymatic synthesis and functional studies of glycoproteins". (Host: Nguyen)
Mar 5 Professor Bo Zhang, University of Washington
"Understanding transient electrochemistry of single nanoparticles and single molecules". (Host: Luo)
Mar 12 Spring Break. No seminar scheduled
Mar 19 ACS Meeting, March 18-22, 2018
Mar 26 Professor Nick Winograd, Penn State University
"Bioimaging Mass Spectrometry at the single cell level with Cluster Ion Beams". (Host: Trimpin)
Apr 2 Professor Jonathan L. Sessler, University of Texas - Austin
"Texaphyrins as Drug Candidates: Life, Death, and Attempts at Resurrection". (Host: Groysman)
Apr 9 Professor Jennifer Stockdill, Wayne State University
"Strategies and methods for the synthesis of neuroactive disulfide-linked peptides".
Apr 16 Professor Peter Beal, University of California - Davis
"RNA Editing by Adenosine Deaminases". (Host: Bhagwat)
Apr 23 Classes end.

Last updated: March 07, 2018