Frontiers Seminar Schedule
Fall 2015
Mondays at 3:00 pm in the Schaap Lecture Hall (unless noted otherwise)
Sept 14 No Seminar scheduled.
Sept 21 Samuel Wilson, National Institutes of Health
"The Mechanism of DNA Synthesis Revealed by Time-Lapse Crystallography and Computational Studies" (Host: Andres Cisneros)
Sept 28 Michael Gagné, University of North Carolina
"Seeking Chemoselectivity in the Manipulation of Complex Biological Structures" (Host: Jeremy Kodanko)
Oct 5 Andy Philips, Broad Institute at MIT and Harvard. Postponed to next Fall.
"TBA" (Host: Sarah Trimpin)
Oct 12 Rena Robinson, Pittsburgh University
"Increasing Diversity from an N=1 Perspective" (Host: Diversity Committee: Andres Cisneros, Chuck Winter, Sarah Trimpin, Jeremy Kodanko, and John Santalucia)
Oct 19 Raphael D. Levin, Hebrew University Jerusalem
"An Electronic Time Scale for Chemistry" (Host: Wen Li)
Oct 26 Michael Burkart, University of California, San Diego
"Elucidating Protein Interactions in Metabolic Pathways for Synthetic Biology" (Host: Mary Kay Pflum)
Nov 2 David Tirrell, California Institute of Technology
"Non-Canonical Amino Acids in Protein Science and Engineering" (Host: Young-Hoon Ahn)
Nov 30 Jonathon Duay, University of Texas at Austin
"Ultramicroelectrode Arrays: High-Throughput Fabrications, Characterization, and Customization for Ultrasensitive Electroanalytical Applications"

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