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Inorganic Seminar Schedule
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Inorganic Seminar Schedule
Winter 2019
Thursdays (unless otherwise noted*) at 3:30-4:30 PM, Schaap Lecture Hall
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Jan 24 Jessica Hovey, WSU (Allen Research group)
"Visible-Light-Promoted Reductive Couplings Using Divalent Europium and Hydrothermal Lanthanide Extraction from Fly Ash".
Jan 31 No seminar. Rescheduled
Feb 7 Suzanne Bart, Purdue University
"Utilization of Redox-Active Ligands in the F-Block: From Lanthanides to Uranium and Beyond".
Feb 14 Tyler Jenks, WSU (Allen Research group)
"Influence of coordination environment on divalent lanthanides".
Feb 21 Sameera Perera, WSU (Rabuffetti Research group)
"Temperature-Dependent Energy-Transfer in Group VI Metal Oxide Thermosensitive Phosphors".
Feb 28 Samuel Mutinda, WSU (Brock Research group)
"Novel Bimetallic Transition Metal Phosphides for Water Splitting: Opportunities and Challenges in Noble Metal Ion Incorporation".
Mar 7 Emily Que, University of Texas at Austin
"Coordination chemistry approaches for 19F Magnetic Resonance Biosensing".
Mar 14 Brooke Corbin, WSU (Allen Research group)
"Towards the Understanding of Ligand Effects on the Properties of Redox-Active Europium(II)".
Mar 21 Brandi Cossairt, University of Washington
"The Chemistry of Nanoscale Phosphides: Building Complex Inorganic “Molecules” with Atom-Level Precision".
Mar 28 Jakoah Brgoch, University of Houston
"The pursuit of novel phosphors for the next generation of LED lighting".
Apr 4 No seminar. ACS meeting.
Apr 11 Tauni Dissanayake, WSU (Rabuffetti Research group)
"Probing NIR-to-visible light upconversion in Er:Yb:MFX (M = Sr and Ba; X = Cl and Br) upconverting nanocrystals".
Apr 18 Alex Zuhl, WSU (Allen Research group)
"Influence of ligand charge on europium containing complexes".
Apr 25 No seminar. Final Exam week.
May 2 Nour El Harakeh, WSU (Verani Research group)
"The Influence of Orbital Activation and Electron Transfer in 3d/4d Complexes on Proton/water Reduction".

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