Inorganic Seminar Schedule
Winter 2018
Thursdays (unless otherwise noted*) at 3:30-4:30 PM, Schaap Lecture Hall
Jan 18 Pavithra Hettiachchi Kankanamalage, Verani Group
"Pyridine Platforms for Catalytic Water Reduction Based on Nickel and Iron Complexes"
Jan 25 Alexis Ostrowski, Bowling Green State University
"Using Photochemistry to Create Responsive Supramolecular Materials". (Host: Allen)
Feb 1 Danushka Ekanayake, Verani Group
"Evaluation of Nitrogen-rich Mono and Multimetallic Copper Complexes as Catalysts for Water Reduction"
Feb 8 Thomas Albrecht-Schmitt, Florida State University
"Relativistic Effects Deep into the Periodic Table". (Host: Rabuffetti)
Feb 15 Linda Doerrer, Boston University
"Fluorinated O-donor Ligands on Cu for Multielectron Redox Chemistry". (Host: Feig)
Feb 22 Matt Bailey, Allen Group
"New Coordination Chemistry of Divalent Lanthanides"
Mar 1 Kyle Blakeney, Winter Group
"Synthesis, Characterization, and Evaluation of New Reducing Agents for Atomic Layer Deposition of Electropositive Metal and Metal-Containing Thin Films"
Mar 8 Shannon Biros, Grand Valley State University
"Separation of lanthanides and actinides with CMPO compounds". (Host: Allen)
Mar 15 No Seminar. Spring Break
Mar 22 No Seminar. ACS Meeting
Apr 2* *Frontiers seminar. Monday 3:30-4:30
Jonathan Sessler, University of Texas - Austin
"Texaphyrins as Drug Candidates: Life, Death, and Attempts at Resurrection"
(Host: Groysman)
Apr 5 Louisa Whittaker-Brooks, Utah
"Fundamentals, State-of-the-art, and Recent Trends in Nanostructured Materials for Energy and Electronic Applications". (Host: NOBCChE)
Apr 12 Russ Schmehl, Tulane
"Coupling Photoredox Reactions and Multielectron Homogeneous Catalytic Processes". (Host: Verani)
Apr 19 Mikhail Zamkov, Bowling Green State University
"One-dimensional Carrier Confinement in "Giant" CdS/CdSe Excitonic Nanoshells". (Host: Brock)
Apr 26 No Seminar. Finals Week

Last updated: March 23, 2018