Inorganic Seminar Schedule
Fall 2014
Thursdays (unless otherwise noted*) at 3:00-4:30 PM, Schaap Lecture Hall
Sept 4 Habib Beydoun, Verani Group, Literature Seminar
"Ionic Transition Metal Complexes as Active Layers in Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells"
Sept 11 Brittany Venglarcik, Verani Group, Literature Seminar
"Metalloporphyrins in Metal-Organic Frameworks"
Sept 18 Akhila Kuda Wedagedara, Allen Group, Research Seminar
"Ln(II)-Containing Cryptates: Synthesis, Properties, and Applications"
Sept 25 Kenneth Kpogo, Verani Group, Literature Seminar
"Quadruply Bonded Molybdenum and Tungsten Complexes: Structural, Electronic Properties and Applications"
Oct 2 Joel Rosenthal, University of Delaware (host: Kodanko)
"Development of New Catalyst Materials and Light Harvesting Assemblies for the Conversion of Carbon Dioxide to Solar Fuels"
Oct 9 No seminar (scheduled event in lecture hall)
Oct 13* Frontiers: David Parker, Durham University (host: Allen)
"Lanthanide Probes for Imaging and Sensing"
Oct 14** Nano@Wayne: Delia Milliron, University of Texas at Austin (host: Brock)
"Plasmonic Metal Oxide Nanocrystals and Their Near Infrared Electrochromism"
Oct 16 Robert Flowers, LeHigh University (host: Allen)
"Give or Take an Electron. Mechanistic Studies of Single Electron Transfer in Synthetically Important Reactions"
Oct 23 Victor Poltavets, Michigan State University (host: Brock)
"Soft Chemistry Approaches to New Cathode, Thermoelectric, and Strongly-Correlated Electron Materials"
Oct 30 Jerzy Klosin, Dow (host: Brock)
"Development of Molecular Catalysts for Olefin Polymerization with Tunable Reactivity toward Alpha-Olefins"
Nov 6 Oleg Poluektov, Argonne National Lab (host: Verani)
"Co- and Ni-based Metal Organic Catalysts for Biomimetic Hydrogen Production: EPR and DFT Characterization of the Electronic Structure"
Nov 13 Faculty Candidate
Nov 20 Faculty Candidate
Nov 27 No Seminar, Thanksgiving Holiday
Dec 4 Faculty Candidate
Dec 11 Faculty Candidate

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