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Organic Seminar Schedule
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Organic Seminar Schedule
Winter 2019
Wednesdays (unless noted* otherwise) at 4:30 PM, Schaap Lecture Hall
Jan 9 Steve Townsend, Vanderbuilt University
"Human Milk: Defense Against Pathogens". (Host: Stockdill)
Jan 16 Philemon Ngoje, WSU (Crich Research group)
Fourth Year Research Talk.
Jan 23 Maciej Walczak, University of Colorado - Boulder
"Next-generation tools for the synthesis of small molecules and biologics". (Host: Stockdill)
Jan 28* Sherry Chemler, SUNY Buffalo
"Enantioselective Copper-Catalyzed Synthesis of Saturated Heterocycles".
(Host: Nguyen)
* Frontiers Monday 3:30pm.
Jan 30 No seminar scheduled.
Feb 4* Steve Withers, University of British Columbia
"Discovery, design and development of human amylase inhibitors: from nM to pM". (Host: Stockdill)
* Frontiers Monday 3:30pm.
Feb 11* Scott Miller, Yale University
"Asymmetric Catalysis in Complex Molecular Environments". (Host: Stockdill)
* Frontiers Monday 3:30pm.
Feb 20 No seminar scheduled.
Feb 27 No seminar scheduled.
Mar 4* Olafs Daugulis, University of Houston
"New Methods for C-H Bond Functionalization". (Host: Kodanko)
* Frontiers Monday 3:30pm.
Mar 13 No seminar. Spring break.
Mar 18* Javier Read de Alaniz, UC Santa Barbara
"Design and Development of Stimuli Responsive Systems". (Host: Nguyen)
* Frontiers Monday 3:30pm.
Mar 20 Jennifer Roizen, Duke University
"Alcohol and Amine Derivatives Guide Position-Selective C-H Functionalization Reactions". (Host: Stockdill)
Mar 25 No seminar scheduled.
Mar 27 Scott Lokey, University of California - Santa Cruz
"Crossing cell membranes: Lessons from the world of synthetic and natural cyclic peptides". (Host: Stockdill)
Apr 3 Aparni Gamage, WSU (Pflum Research group)
Fourth Year Research Talk. **2025 Science Hall
Apr 10 Psaras McGrier, Ohio State University
"TBA". (Host: Cha)
Apr 17 Osvaldo Gutierrez, University of Maryland - College Park
"TBA". (Host: Nguyen)
Apr 24 Nuwan Kondasinghe, WSU (Crich Research group)
Fourth Year Research Talk
May 1 Tim McMillan, WSU (Crich Research group)
Fourth Year Research Talk.
May 8 Mohammed Hawsawi, WSU (Crich Research group)
Fourth Year Research Talk

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