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Organic Seminar Schedule
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Organic Seminar Schedule
Fall 2018
Wednesdays (unless noted* otherwise) at 4:30 PM, Schaap Lecture Hall
Aug 27* Gopal Symposium and Departmental Poster Presentation
Amy Herr, University of California Berkeley. "Electrophoretic Cytometry: Microfluidic Design for Targeted Proteomics".
* Monday 3:00pm Lecture followed by 4pm poster session and reception in Atrium.
Oct 1* Danica Galonic Fujimori, University of California San Francisco
* Frontiers Monday 3:30pm. "Catalysis and Inhibition of Histone Demethylases". (Host: Nguyen).
Oct 10 Joseph Ready, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
"TBA". (Host: Nguyen)
Oct 17 Jeff Aubé, University of North Carolina
(Host: Nguyen)
Oct 24 David Nagib, Ohio State University
"C-H and C-O functionalization via radical chaperones". (Host: Stockdill)
Oct 29* Peng Wang, Georgia State University
"TBA". (Host: Chow/Nguyen)
* Frontiers Monday 3:30pm.
Nov 7 Derek Tan, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
"TBA". (Host: Nguyen)
Nov 15@ Ryan Baxter, University of California Merced
@Special Lecture time Thursday 3:30pm. "Halogen Bonding in Single Electron Transfers". (Host: Pflum).
Nov 21 No Seminar. Thanksgiving Holiday
Dec 3* Hien M. Nguyen, Wayne State University
* Frontiers Monday 3:30pm. "Nickel Triflate-Catalyzed Glycosylation Reactions: Scope, Mechanism, and Development of Heparanase Inhibitors".
Dec 12 Craig Forsyth, Ohio State University
"Total Syntheses of Natural and Un-Natural Products - Some Lessons Learned". (Host: Cha).

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