Organic Seminar Schedule
Fall 2017
Wednesdays (unless noted* otherwise) at 4:30 PM, Schaap Lecture Hall
Aug 28** Neal Zondlo, University of Delaware
"TBA". **Gopal-Singhal Symposium. (Host: Stockdill)
Sep 6 Yiftah Tal-Gan, University of Nevada, Reno
"TBA". (Host: Stockdill)
Sep 13 Bibek Dhakal, Wayne State University (Crich Research Group)
"TBA". Student Long Talk.
Sep 20 No seminar scheduled.
Sep 27 Steve Sucheck, University of Toledo
"TBA". (Host: Crich)
Oct 2* Reko Leino, Abo Akademi University Finland
"TBA". *Frontiers. (Host: Crich)
Oct 4*** Jaime Curtis-Fisk, Dow Chemical & Kelly George, L'Oreal
"TBA". ***BEST Symposium. (Host: Chow)
Oct 11 No Seminar scheduled.
Oct 18 Indrajeet Sharma, University of Oklahoma
"TBA". (Host: Crich)
Oct 25 Christine Arbour, Wayne State University (Stockdill Research Group
"TBA". Student Long Talk
Nov 1 No Seminar scheduled.
Nov 8 Reserved for faculty search
Nov 15 Reserved for faculty search
Nov 22 Reserved for faculty search
Nov 29 Neil Price, USDA Peoria
"TBA". (Host: Crich)
Dec 6 Aaron Beeler, Boston University
"TBA". (Host: Stockdill)
Dec 13 No Seminar. Finals

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