Department of chemistry
Physical & Analytical Seminar Schedule
Winter 2017
Wednesdays at 2:30 pm in Schaap Lecture Hall (unless noted otherwise)

Jan 11 Reserved for Faculty Candidate
Jan 18 Reserved for Faculty Candidate
Jan 25 Reserved for Faculty Candidate
Feb 1 John Hollett, University of Winnipeg
"Deciphering the Correlated Motion of Electrons and the Correlation Problem". (Host: Wen Li)
Feb 8 Cassandra L. Ward, Wayne State University (Linz Research Group)
"Controlling the Cycloreversion Reaction of a Photochromic Molecular Switch using Sequential Two-Photon Excitation"
Feb 15 Maxim F. Gelin, Technical University of Munich
"Femtosecond Pump-Probe Spectroscopy: Why Not to Try Strong Pulses". (Host: Vladimir Chernyak)
Feb 22 Styliani Constas, University of Western Ontario
" Droplet Chemistry. The Desolvation Mechanisms of Macromolecules and their Complexes from Charged Droplets". (Host: Sarah Trimpin)
Mar 1 Paul Hoerner, Wayne State University (Schlegel Research Group)
"Computational Simulations of Strongfield Ionization".
Mar 8 Rasoul Daliri, Wayne State University (Rodgers Research Group)
"Comparison and Evaluation of the Bruker Solarix Hybvrid FTMS and amaZon ETD Quadrupole Ion Trap Mass Spectrometers for Peptidomics Applications".
Mar 15 No seminar scheduled, Spring Break
Mar 20* Daniel Chiu, University of Washington
"Digital Biological Measurements". (Host: Tom Linz)
Mar 22 Sue Lunte, University of Kansas
"Microanalytical Methods for the Investigation of Oxidative Stress in Biological Systems". (Host: Tom Linz)
Mar 29 Etienne Garand, University of Wisconsin
"Probing Reaction Intermediates with Spectroscopy of Cold Mass-Selected Ions". (Host: Mary T. Rodgers)
Apr 5 Lucas A. Hamlow, Wayne State University (Rodgers Research Group)
"Infrared Ion Spectroscopy in the Hydrogen-Stretching Region: Applications to Modified Nucleosides and Transition Metal-Ligand Complexes".
Apr 6 Ronghu Wu, Georgia Tech
"Systematic and Site-Specific Characterization of Glycoproteins on the Surface of Human Cells". (Host: Mary T. Rodgers)
Apr 12 Angela Wilson, Michigan State University
"Quantum Chemistry Strategies: From the Main Group to the Heavy Elements". (Host: Berny Schlegel)
Apr 19 Sebastien Hebert, Wayne State University (Schlegel Research Group)
"Guanine Oxidation by Carbonate Radical: pH Dependent Competition Between Formation of 9-oxoGuanine and Guanine-Thymine Crosslink"
Apr 25 Final Exam Period, No Seminar Scheduled

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