Physical & Analytical Seminar Schedule
Fall 2016
Wednesdays at 3:00 pm in Schaap Lecture Hall (unless noted otherwise)

Sep 7 Stephen Valentine, West Virginia University
"Combining Ion Mobility Spectrometry with Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry for Biomolecular Structure Analysis". (Host: Mary T. Rodgers)
Sep 14 Dominika Zgid, University of Michigan
"Designing Multi-Scale Methods to Handle Weak and Strong Correlations in Solids". (Host: Berny Schlegel)
Sep 19* Michael A. Duncan, University of Georgia
"Infrared Spectroscopy of Cold Ions and their Clusters: Inorganic and Organic Chemistry in the Gas Phase". (Host: Mary T. Rodgers)
Sep 21 Qingbin Zhang, Wayne State University (Li Research Group)
"Development of Long Wavelength Femosecond Laser Source and Its Application in Strong Field Laser Physics".
Sep 28 Yi-jung Tu, Wayne State University (Schlegel Research Group)
"Computational Studies of Ligand-Exchange Reactions of Metal Complexes"
Oct 5 David Yarkony, Johns Hopkins University
"Conical Intersections. From Arcane Theoretical Concept to Physical Chemistry Icon in Less than One-Score Years". (Host: Vladimir Chernyak)
Oct 12 Lina Basal, Wayne State University (Allen Research Group)
"Eu(II)-containing Complexes with Applications in Redox and Anion Sensing"
Oct 19 Ruixi Wang, Wayne State University (Chernyak Research Group)
"Semiclassical Scattering at Conical Intersections"
Oct 26 Nicole Lenca, Wayne State University (Poole Research Group)
Characterization of Ionic Liquid GC Stationary Phases and Descriptor Determination of Anilines Using the Solvation Parameter Model".
Oct 28** William H. Miller, University of California-Berkeley
"Symmetrical Quasi-Classical Model for Classical Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Electronically Non-Adiabatic Processes". (Host: Berny Schlegel)
Oct 31* Jospeh A. Loo, University of California, Los Angeles
"Detecting and Finding Cures to Brain Disorders by Analytical Chemistry". (Host: Mary T Rodgers)
Nov 2 Elyssia Gallagher, Baylor University
"Glycans and Glycoproteins: Challenges and Opportunities". (Host: Tom Linz)
Nov 9 Lin Fan, Wayne State University (Li Research Group)
"Multiphoton Photoelectric Emission from Metal Surfaces".
Nov 16 Reserved for Faculty Candidate
Nov 23 No Seminar. Thanksgiving Holiday Break.
Dec 6 Reserved for Faculty Candidate
Dec 13 Reserved for Faculty Candidate
Dec 20 Reserved for Faculty Candidate

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