Department of chemistry
Physical Seminar Schedule
Winter 2015
Wednesdays at 3:00 pm in Schaap Lecture Hall (unless noted otherwise)
Jan 21 Paul Zimmerman, University of Michigan
"Reaction Web Exploration with Quantum Chemistry" (Host: Schlegel)
Jan 28 Marta Wloch, Oakland University
"Highly Accurate but Easy-to-Use Computational Methods" (Host: Cisneros)
Feb 4 Shivnath Mazumder, Wayne State University (Schlegel group)
"Computational Studies of Long-Lived Excited States of Ru-Complexes and Catalytic Mechanism of Hydrogen Evolution by Co-Complexes"
Feb 11 Kenny Merz, Michigan State University
"Thermodynamic Quantities from a Molecular Printing Press" (Host: Schlegel)
Feb 18 Xuetau Shi (Schlegel group)
"Excited State Behaviors of Ruthenium Chromophores and Proton-Reduction Mechanisms of Cobalt Catalysts towards Water-Splitting: A Computational Study"
Feb 25 Alice Walker (Cisneros group)
"Computational Analysis of PET Ligands for Galectin-3"
Sebastian Hebert (Schlegel group)
"Computational Studies of the Rearrangement of Allene Oxide and Vinyl Allene Oxide"
Mar 4 Sarah Mason, University of Iowa
"Insights from DFT Calculations of Geochemical Model Systems" (Host: Suits)
Mar 9* Mark Gordon, Iowa State University
"Fragmentation: A route to accurate calculations on large molecular systems"
Mar 11 Gert von Helden, Fritz Haber Institut
"Infrared Spectroscopy of Peptides and Proteins in the Gas Phase" (Host: Rodgers)
Mar 18 No Seminar. Spring Break

Mar 25 No Seminar. ACS Meeting

Apr 1 Hashini Chaya Weeraratna (Suits group)
"Imaging Spin Polarized H atoms in Photodissociation"
Nuwandi Ariyasingha (Suits group)
"Probing bimolecular reactions using chirped pulse Fourier Transformed Microwave Spectroscopy"
Apr 6* Kenneth Jordan, University of Pittsburgh
"Accommodation of Excess Electrons and Protons by Water Clusters"
Apr 8 Tamar Seideman, Northwestern University
"New Directions in Strong Field Coherent Control: From Spinning Tops to Ultrafast Switches" (Host: Li)
Apr 15 Mike Van Stipdonk, Duquesne University
"New perspectives on ion structure and behavior from single and multiple photon photodissociation experiments" (Host: Rodgers)
Apr 22 Tian Shi (Chernyak group)
"How Geometric Distortions Scatter Electronic Excitations in Conjugated Macromolecules: Towards photoinduced relaxation and energy transfer"

Last updated: January 20, 2015