Physical Seminar Schedule
Fall 2014
Wednesdays at 3:00 pm in Schaap Lecture Hall (unless noted otherwise)
Aug 27 Lindsay Zack (Suits group)
"Microwave Spectroscopy: From Earth to the Far Reaches of the Galaxy and Back Again"
Sept 10 Qin Wu, Brookhaven National Laboratory (host: Cisneros)
"Computational Studies of Organic Electronic Materials with Density Functional Theory Methods"
Sept 17 Jian Huang, Wayne State University, Department of Physics (host: Li)
"Into the flatland: searching for the quantum electron solids"
Sept 24 Caroline Chick Jarrold, University of Indiana (host: Suits)
"Atmospheric anions and collision complexes"
Oct 1 Yi-Jung Tu (Cisneros and Schlegel groups)
Oct 8 Francoise Remacle, University of Liege, Belgium (host: Li)
"Dynamical Studies of Ultrafast Charge Migration in Diatomic and Modular Molecules Probed by Photoelectron Angular Distributions"
Oct 15 Tim Zwier, Purdue University (host: Suits)
"Single-conformation spectroscopy of peptides and synthetic polymers"
Oct 22 Yirong Mo, Western Michigan University (host: Schlegel)
Oct 29 George C. Shields, Bucknell University (host: Cisneros)
Nov 5 Stephen Pratt, Argonne National Laboratory (host: Li)
"Photoabsorption and Photoionization Dynamics for Combustion Research"
Nov 12 Matsika Spiridoula, Temple University (host: Vladimir)
Nov 19 Ryan Steele, University of Utah (host: Rodgers)
"Quantum Molecular Motion in Energy and Biology"
Dec 3 Eric Kratz (Cisneros group)
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