Physical Seminar Schedule
Fall 2015
Wednesdays at 3:00 pm in Schaap Lecture Hall (unless noted otherwise)
Sept 9 Benjamine Levine, Michigan State University
"Conical Intersections and Non-Radiative Recombination in Semiconductor Nanomaterials" (Host: Andres Cisneros)
Sept 16 Ravin Fernando, Wayne State University (Suits group)
"State-Resolved Slice Imaging of Infrared Multi photon Dissociation"
Sept 21* Samuel Wilson , National Institutes of Health
"The Mechanism of DNA Synthesis Revealed by Time-Lapse Crystallography and Computational Studies" (Host: Andres Cisneros)
Sept 23 Hua Guo, University of New Mexico
"Buffalo Behaviorology: The Quantum ╬Žace of a Roaming Reaction" (Host: Arthur Suits)
Sept 30 Yun Fei Lin, Wayne State University (Li group)
"3D Coincidence Imaging with a Fast Frame Camera"
Oct 7 Aaron Dinner, University of Chicago
"TBA" (Host: Andres Cisneros)
Oct 14 Christian, Bleiholder, Florida State University
"Using Ion Mobility Spectrometry / Mass Spectrometry to Investigate the Structural Heterogeneity of Chemokines" (Host: Mary Rodgers)
Oct 19* Raphael D. Levine, Hebrew University Jerusalem
"An Electronic Time Scale for Chemistry" (Host: Wen Li)
Oct 21 Alex Winney, Wayne State University (Li group)
"Electron Momentum Correlation in Double Ionization of Atoms and Molecules"
Oct 28 Yuanyuan Shi, Wayne State University (Suits group)
"Crossed-Beam Slice Imaging of Halogen Atom Reactions with C3-C6 Hydrocarbons"
Nov 4 Reserved for Faculty candidate

Nov 11 Reserved for Faculty candidate
Nov 18 Reserved for Faculty candidate
Nov 25 No Seminar. Thanksgiving Holiday.

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