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PROGRAM MISSION - The mission of the Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry is to develop students' knowledge in the five areas of chemistry (organic, inorganic, analytical, physical and biological). The program provides outstanding instruction and research opportunities for chemistry majors. The program serves to develop and train graduates who are well prepared for graduate or professional schools as well as careers in the chemical industry sector.

The Chemistry Department at Wayne State offers the BACHELOR OF ARTS degree and three types of BACHELOR OF SCIENCE degrees (BS in Chemistry, BS with an emphasis in Biochemistry, and the BS in Biochemistry and Chemical Biology). All three BS degrees require undergraduate research completed for credit as part of the degree. A chemistry advisor can help you get started in this rewarding adventure. It is also possible to earn an HONORS' DEGREE in Chemistry.

To declare or change your major, go to https://cardinal.wayne.edu/wsuchgmjr/. To meet with an advisor in Chemistry go to http://advisingworks.wayne.edu to schedule an appointment.

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