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Coupled Electrostatic Ion Trap

Tandem Mass Spectrometry

Here we describe the development of a new approach to tandem mass spectrometry based on the use of coupled electrostatic ion traps. Electrostatic ion traps are an emerging technnology that are simple in concept and construction, but have many advantages in potential mass resolution, and in the unique application embodied in the project described here. This project is supported by the NSF Instrument Development for Biological Research program in the NSF Biology Division and it is being developed in the Suits Group in the Department of Chemistry at Wayne State University under the direction of PI Arthur Suits and co-PI Mary Rodgers.

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Instrument Overview

Electrostatic Ion Traps

Ion Trap Simulations

Coupled Ion Trap Simulations

Coupled Ion Traps

Pick-up electrode

Electrospray Source


Next Steps