Dorocske, Igal, Somogy, Hungary


The vital records for Döröcske, as recorded by the evangelical church in the village, cover the years 1787 to 1895.  This information is available on three microfilms through the Family History Library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The following links constitute an index of essential names, dates and locations as transcribed from the original.  The church records include, principally, the vital records for the villages of Döröcske, Gadacs, Szill, Bonnya and Fehercsard.  Where no place name is given in the record, the assumption is that either no place name was mentioned or that the place name was Döröcske.  More detailed information (occupation, cause of death, godparents, witnesses to marriages, and a record of vaccinations) is available in the actual church record.




0631127 – births 1787-1895;  marriages, deaths 1788-1831

0631128 – marriages, deaths 1832-1895

0631129 – births, marriages, deaths 1820-1829 for Gadacs


This website contains an index for the following:


0631127b1 – births from 1787-1835

0631127b2 – births from 1836-1855

0631127b3 – births from 1856-1873

0631127b4 – births from 1874 – 1888

0631127b5 – births from 1889 – Sept 1895

0631127m – marriages from 1788-1831

0631127d – deaths from 1788-1831

0631127conf – confirmations from 1794-1832

0631128conf – confirmations from 1833-1880

0631128m – marriages from 1832-1895

0631128d1 – deaths from 1832-1853

0631128d2 – deaths from 1854 – 1873

0631128d3 – deaths from 1874 – 1888

0631128d4 – deaths from 1889 – Sept 1895

0631129b – births from 1820-1829 for Gadacs

0631129m – marriages from 1820-1829 for Gadacs

0631129d – deaths from 1820-1829 for Gadacs



The complete transcription of the vital records was posted December 5, 2003. 


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