Hrastovac Vital Records

Bezirk Daruvar, Posscheg, Austro-Hungary 

Births - April 1866-1902

Confirmations - 1886-1902

Marriages - 1869-May 1875 & 1876-1902

translated / transcribed by Wally Schlegel (c) 2001


The contents of this website are translations / transcriptions from the vital records of Hrastovac, also known as Eichendorf, which is a village presently situated in Croatia southwest of Daruvar, on a road that connects the two towns of Uljanik and Garesnica.

Originals for these records are housed in Bjelovar, Croatia and a microfilm, number 2065192 (items 9-11), of this material is available through the Family History Library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Salt Lake City, Utah. Births are recorded from not only Hrastovac but also surrounding communities. The confirmation records are extensive, including the name of the confirmand's parents and the birth date and place of origin of the individual. For the years 1897-1902, the confirmands of Kapitanovopolje are included in the records. Marriage records are contained in 3 sections, depending on the format of the original documents. Word lists are attached to the end of the segments of the marriage entries to aid in the translation of the transcription. Birth records are contained in 3 sections - see the relevant dates below.

When you find relevant information, please check it against the original document. The most recent proofreading of and corrections to these vital records were completed in September 2002. Updates on any further corrections will be posted as necessary. If you notice any discrepancies with the original document, please contact me at


Table of Contents

 Item 9  Marriages 1889-Jan. 1893; transcription of the Croatian
 Item 9-BT  Inserted page of some female births in 1889-1890
 Item 10a  Marriages 1869-May 1875
 Item 10b  Marriages Feb. 1876-Jan. 1886
 Item 10c  Marriages Feb. 1886-Dec. 1902
 Item 10-Confirm  Hrastovac 1886-1902; Kapitanovopolje 1897-1900
 Item 11a  Births April 1866-1889
 Item 11b  Births 1890-1895
 Item 11c  Births 1896-1902
 Surnames  List of all surnames appearing in the above records
 old files   

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